Blossom Yoga

Our specialised Blossom yoga classes launched in 2013 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. We deliver two or more terms of yoga throughout the year on weeknight evenings in Raheny.  We run both beginners and advanced classes.

Our instructor Nicola is an experienced yoga teacher who has completed specialist yoga training for people with special needs . Two highly qualified support assistants also attend each class so that Nicola can focus on delivering yoga. This means that many of our children and teens are only able to access yoga classes for the first time through Blossom Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

Over the years we have found seen yoga creating huge positive change and growth for our Blossom kids and teens;

She had high anxiety levels and was quite distressed at first but after six months of yoga, the family have been able to go out for Sunday lunch for the first time. She uses yoga breathing to cope and calm herself.


If your child would like to attend Blossom Yoga, please see the Access Our Services page.


Child in stripy top stretching up towards the ceiling YOga instructor with children in a mirrored dance studio