Week Two Begins!

Published on August 10, 2016 under News
Week Two Begins!

Group 3 had a blast on the first day of week two!

Circle Time and Obstacle Course

We started the day with circle time where we got to know each other, and then we all did a really fun obstacle course.

Games and Puzzles

We were a bit tired from all of the climbing, crawling and jumping during the obstacle course, so then we relaxed with some games and puzzles. Jacob really liked doing the jigsaws.

Two boys doing a jigsaw puzzle








Decorating our Plant Pots

Later this week, we are going to be planting lavender plants, so today we decorated the pots that we’re going to plant them in. This was Josh and Jamie’s favourite part of the day.

Children and adults around a table doing arts and crafts








Boy doing arts and crafts with woman.









Yoga was a nice way to stretch and relax after a very busy morning! Conor was brilliant at doing the yoga poses.

Two boys and a woman doing yoga stretches on mats











Playground and Trampoline

Then we all headed outside to have fun in the playground and do some jumps on the trampoline. Mark was great at doing flips on the trampoline!The trampoline was also a good place to just chill out.  Rory and Conor were great pals today and enjoyed just relaxing on the trampoline together.

Boy jumping on a trampoline











Boy playing in playground


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