Week 3 – Graduation Day!

Published on August 19, 2016 under News
Week 3 – Graduation Day!

We’ve had a brilliant end to week 3 of camp. Here’s a taster of some of the fun activities Joey, David, Seán, Noah and Jack got up to today…


We did ‘Teddy Bear Yoga’ today, which was a big hit with the lads. It involved careful balancing of teddies on heads, along with some fun yoga poses!

Boy picking up a teddy from a pile of stuffed animals










Smoothie Making

Lots of ingredient prepping and blending went in to making some tasty healthy smoothies.

Boy mixing ingredients








Music Time

Our group leader Stephen brought in his ukulele today and all of the boys and the other staff joined in for a few songs and rhythm games.

Boys and adults in a circle singing and playing music









Boys and adults playing music and singing in a cirlcle












Earlier this week, the boys decorated plant pots, and today they got to plant lovely lavender plants in them.

Boy smiling and holding a plant








Then we had our graduation ceremony, where we watched a slideshow of pictures from the week, and our families could hear all about what we did at camp!

We also said goodbye to two of our staff this week – Joe and Kerri. The staff at Blossom Camps are some of the hardest working and most passionate people around. We’d like to give a big round of applause to Joe and Kerri, and wish them well in their future adventures.

girls with red hair talking to boy with brown hair









Man being pushed on swing by child











Thank you both for all your hard work!


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