Volunteer your time and help us to Blossom this Spring

Published on January 9, 2012 under News
Volunteer your time and help us to Blossom this Spring

We are launching the Blossom Ireland Volunteer Drive with a coffee morning on Friday January 27th 2012 between 10-12pm in Raheny. We intend to create a bank of volunteers that we can call on for everything from bag-packing once a year to admin support on an on-going basis. We know that there is a large community of recently retired people, stay-at-home mums and unemployed people who have a wealth of expertise and life experience to share with an organisation such as ours.

Blossom Ireland is now at a point where we want to grow the organisation and expand on our service offering. We have a two-pronged approach to achieving this. Firstly when it comes to all activities directly involving the children and their families we intend to employ professionally trained personnel as it is critical that we can guarantee a quality service. Our fund-raising activities will finance this. However when it comes to the operational activities such as administration, marketing, IT, fundraising etc. we hope to fulfil these through the expertise of volunteers.

So spread the word and join us for a coffee on January 27th in the CARA Hall Raheny from 10-12pm and learn more about how you can help our organisation Blossom in 2012!