Smoothie Making!

Published on August 18, 2016 under News
Smoothie Making!

Yesterday we hosted the inaugural Blossom smoothie making contest! Ben, Ronan, Matthew and Tim really got stuck in and blended up some delicious healthy drinks to enjoy with their pals.

Checking Out the Recipe

First, we had a good look at the smoothie recipe and made sure that we understood all of the different steps. Then we checked that we had the ingredients needed and started to prepare them!

Boy peeling banana








Boys making smoothies











Adding the ingredients

We checked over the recipe again, to make sure we had all of the ingredients ready. Each of us decided what fruits and flavours we would like in our smoothies. Then we got to work on adding them to the blender.












Boys making smoothies











Taste Test!

Our group leader Rose helped us to close the lid of the blender and turn it on. After the ingredients were all blended we carefully poured them into glasses and added straws. And then… the best part of the activity. Tasting our smoothies!

Boy smiling











Boy giving a thumbs up and drinking a smoothie from a straw











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