Our Movie Trip!

Published on August 4, 2016 under News
Our Movie Trip!

Hi everyone!

Today we’re following group 3 on their trip to the cinema and Burger King. Here’s how Conor, Danny, Joseph, Howard, David and Peter got on! On the first day of camp our group leaders Joe and Eadaoin asked where we would like to go on our day trip – to get pizza in Howth, or to the cinema for a film and lunch. All of the lads in our group picked the cinema, so we could all hang with our group buddies for the day out today.

Getting Out and About

In the morning, we did some life skills preparation in advance of our day out. We chatted about how we were going to get to the cinema and decided that the best way would be to take the bus. When waiting for the bus, we all got together the change we needed to pay for it, and chatted about the day ahead.

Group of teenagers and young adults waiting at a bus stop
















The Movie

Lots of us had seen ‘Finding Nemo’ before, so we were interested to see if ‘Finding Dory’ was as good.










After the film, it was off to Burger King for lunch and lots of talk about what we thought of the film. We then headed home on the bus. We were all tired out but had a great laugh today and really enjoyed the film.

Two teenage boys in Burger King








A teenage boy in Burger King











Two teenage boys in Burger King








In the end, we agreed that Finding Dory got a 4.5 out of 5, and Burger King got a solid 5 out of 5. Not bad!


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