Easter Camp, Week Two, Group One

Published on March 30, 2016 under News
Easter Camp, Week Two, Group One

It’s the second week of easter camp this year, and we’re having a look at what group one got up to today.

Board Games/Sensory Games

The day started with a wide array of board games and sensory games. Eoin was a whizz at the jigsaws, while Carla loved doing the shaving foam art activity.

Boy and girl playing a game of guess who.








Children playing Connect 4












This group were great at yoga, with Joseph, Haile and Alicia getting into some very advanced stretching and relaxation today!

Girl lying under a blanket on a yoga mat







Children in a circle doing yoga









Garden Time and Football

Thanks to the sunny weather, the whole group were able to head outside to the garden, and even have a mini football tournament. Conor loved being able to run about outdoors.

Two boys on a swing








Easter Egg Hunt

We finished off the day with an easter egg hunt (and some chocolate of course!)

Looking forward to seeing all the happy campers again tomorrow!


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