Easter Camp Blog – Week One, Group Two

Published on March 24, 2016 under News
Easter Camp Blog – Week One, Group Two

Group Two was another group of boys. Nathan named the group ‘The Blossom Camp Group’.

Here are a few of the things the boys got up to yesterday.

Circle Time

During Circle Time we came up with some good rules on how to have fun during our week at camp. We may not have managed to get any chicken wings or chinese food (rule no. 9), but we did all get an easter egg at the graduation today.

A list of rules for kids on how to get along at camp












Our group had some very experienced yogis – Max, Nathan, and Rory. The rest of the boys really took to the yoga as well and enjoyed the class.

A group of boys doing yoga








Indoor Games

A few board games and Twister upped the energy levels after the relaxation of yoga in the morning.

Boy playing twister











Easter Egg Hunt

Nathan was the leader of the easter egg hunt, and the other boys all got very involved in finding the clues – and eating the resulting chocolate prizes!

A boy raising his fist to the camera











Soft Play Room

The soft play room was a big hit with all the boys. Joseph particularly loved the big swing and Ben showed us his super powers and Kung Fu skills!

Two boys lying on a trampoline











A boy in a soft play area




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