Easter Camp Blog – Week One, Group One

Published on March 22, 2016 under News
Easter Camp Blog – Week One, Group One

Hi guys!

Today was the first day of our Easter Camp. After months of preparation, it was finally time to have some fun! Here are a few highlights from today..


We started off the day with a bit of yoga. This was great for helping us all to chill out and ease into the busy day of activities!

A teenage boy on all fours waving hello and smiling


Board Games

Board games were a big hit with the lads today. There was a very competitive Connect 4 battle between Danny and Alex which ended in a draw.

Two boys playing Connect 4

Teenage boy with bandana on head

Obstacle Course

All of the lads enjoyed the obstacle course today. Thanks go to Eoin who set up the obstacle course for the group. Joseph was particularly fast through the course today while Howard kept everyone very organised and on time for all of the different activities!

Boy emerging from fabric tunnel

Boy jumping on trampoline

Boy rolling on a scooter board

Outdoor Garden

Danny and Alex particularly enjoyed hanging outside on the swings. Matthew loved chilling out in the garden and getting to chat with the girls in the other groups.

One boy pushing another on a swing.

That’s it for today, tune in tomorrow to see what Group 2 gets up to!


  1. Lorraine Byrne

    Great photos Colette and thanks for sharing. Alex really loves his time in camp and is so excited heading off in the mornings. You all do a great job and shows in the kids thanks again.

  2. Yvonne corrigan

    Hi all at Blossom. I worked as a support worker for a few of the camps. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I could no longer participate. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the kids. It was an absolute joy. Congratulations to all who are involved with Blossom. Particularly Orla Auveen and Lisa. What a brilliantly run camp. Well done to you all. Keep up the great work x

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