A Day at the Blossom Races

Published on August 22, 2016 under News
A Day at the Blossom Races

Hi everyone!

Today was a really busy day with Haile, Billy, Alex, Matthew, Adam and Seán getting up to some serious sports and fitness fun.

These activities are part of our ‘All About Me’ themed week for the teens. The teens will be getting stuck in to activities centred on wellbeing and self-awarness, such as fitness, yoga and mindfulness, healthy cooking, plus an exciting self-styling session on the last day with Men’s Grooming Ireland and Beauty Bootcamp.

Football and Basketball Skills

Our group leader Thomas put the boys through some demanding drills to improve their ball-skills. There was a great atmosphere in the room, with campers and staff showing off their best shots.

A group of teens playing basketball.









A boy bouncing a basketball.











Relay Races

The weather really improved today so we were able to head outside for a few relay races. We used the scooter board for a few of them which was a lot of fun.

Teenagers doing a relay race in an outdoor playground








Obstacle Course

The obstacle course had us all climbing, crawling, jumping and communicating with each other to finish it in the fastest times!

A group of teens and adults holding a coloured parachute.




















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