Blossom Camp – Week 2 – Group 2

Published on August 12, 2015 under News
Blossom Camp – Week 2 – Group 2

Hi there!

Today we are having a look at group 2 – Amy, Laura, Louisa and Risoni.

The girls are all very independent ladies and they are also a very creative bunch, as you can see from the activities they got involved in today.


In the morning the girls all came in and sat down together to do a bit of colouring. Louisa especially loved this activity, and she was helped by her teddy Zane who came along to camp with her.

Young girl smiling and holding a teddy bear

Camp pals

Nail Painting

The girls enjoyed nail painting, especially Amy. Amy really got involved in every activity today, and she even managed to complete a Frozen jigsaw as well.

girl smiling beside completed jigsaw

Job done!

Jewellery Making

Risoni had a great flair for jewellery making and she enjoyed cutting up the pieces of string for the bracelets.

Girls making bracelet with beads and string

Creative focus

Arts and Crafts

Laura did loads of art today – she made fish and an under the sea plate (Amy joined her for that!)

Child and adult at school table doing arts and crafts

Time for art

Drama and Playground Fun

After lunch the group had a fun drama session with our drama therapist Honor. The girls the headed out to the playground and were able to mix with group one while enjoying themselves in the lovely sunshine.

A child pushing an adult holding a teddy bear on a swing

Kids in Charge!

A girl in a playground house


Friday will be camp graduation and next week we will welcome our Blossom teenagers to their own dedicated teen-camp. Bye for now!



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