Blossom Camp – Week 2 – Group 1

Published on August 10, 2015 under News
Blossom Camp – Week 2 – Group 1

Hi everyone!

We had a whole bunch of new friends to welcome to week two of our 2015 summer camp. Today we are going to look at group one – Joseph, Max, Nathan, Rory B and Rory D.

Circle time

Nathan entertained all of the staff and his camp buddies with his brilliant singing and dancing during circle time. Rory D was another talented singer who gave us a stirring rendition of the aul triangle!

A group of children and adults dancing in a circle in a classroom

Some dancing to start the day

A group of children and adults dancing in a circle in a classroom

Getting into the swing of things

Making playdough

Group one helped out on the camp by making playdough for everyone. There was quite a bit of vigorous mixing and colouring involved at the start. Then the group were able to enjoy the fruits of their labour by creating some fantastic playdough sculptures.

A child at a table making playdough

Artist at work

Hip hop dancing

Hip hop dancing was a big hit with Joseph and he really got involved and had a big smile on his face the whole time.

Rory B was waving his hands in the air and bopping his head to the beat. Max really showed off his dance skills during this activity too!

Childrena nd adults dancing in a large school hall

Pass the skittle!

Woman and boy dancing together, smiling at camera.

Movers and shakers

Children sitting ont he floor listening to an adult speaking

Learning about dance



We finished off the day with a trip to the playground – always a favourite with Blossom camp members. Rory B used playground time to relax and chill out a bit after his busy day. I think he had the right idea after all that dancing!

Check back soon to see how group 2 get on this week – we’ve lots of fun and surprises in store!

Child sitting on a floor and laughing

Bye bye!

Child sitting on a floor and laughing

See you next time!



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