Blossom Camp Blog – Week 3 – Trip to Howth

Published on August 25, 2015 under News
Blossom Camp Blog – Week 3 – Trip to Howth

Hi all!

Despite the torrential downpours on Thursday morning, our teens headed off on the DART to Howth for a day trip and some pizza. Before leaving for the trip the group spent time discussing what they might like to order, and what would be involved in the travelling to the restaurant and ordering their food.

Children gathered around a table  pointing at pictures of pizza toppings.

Choosing Toppings

The next stage was heading off to the Dart station to catch the train to Howth. As you can see, a bit of wet weather didn’t phase the teens!

A group of teenagers waiting at a train station

Catching the train

An adult and child giving a thumbs up sign

Fun on the DART

Once the group had arrived in Howth they visited the Dog House Blue’s restaurant for some pizza and a chat with their friends.

A group of teens and dults at  a table eating pizza

Pizza Party!

A child with a pizza giving a thumbs up sign

Reviewing his food

After hanging out at the pizzeria, the group caught the DART back to base camp and had a bit of karaoke and fun outside before graduating from camp.

A group of children and teens smiling in a playground

Hanging out

Two teenage boys with arms around each others shoulders

Karaoke Buddies

We’ve had a brilliant time at camp this summer, and here at Blossom HQ we’d like to thank all of our wonderful staff, donors, supporters, parents and (most importantly) children and teens for making the camps what they are. See you next time!



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