Blossom Camp Blog – Week 3 – Film School

Published on August 19, 2015 under News
Blossom Camp Blog – Week 3 – Film School

Hi everyone!

This week we welcomed some very enthusiastic teenagers to our first dedicated teen summer camp. Today we’re going to look at the two days that the group spent writing, filming and editing their own original film!

Storyline and Props

Our group this week came up with a very original and exciting theme – pirates! Dubbing themselves ‘The Blossom Buccaneers’ they got started on brainstorming a storyline and some exciting action sequences too. The group started thinking about what pirate themed backgrounds, props and costume they could use for their film. Lots of items which were in the camp already were put to great use. A climbing frame in the playground suddenly became the mast of a ship thanks to some clever framing!


Two children in front og a sea background dressed as pirates

Sets and Costumes Ready!

a girl in front of a white sheet being filmed

A Tropical Theme


Technical Skills

Our group threw themselves into a huge amount of different aspects of filmmaking this week. We had dedicated sound technicians, camera people, directors and editors among our talented bunch.


Boom mic in operation!

Children gathered around an i[pad on a tripod

Checking the framing

Acting Prowess

We were lucky to have some great actors among the group who could volunteer themselves to play a wide range of roles.

AQ child in front of an ipad on a tripod

Getting the plot on film

A group of children running through a playground



Throughout the day the group kept the overall theme of ‘Pirates’ in mind, so when it came time to edit the film with the help of Create School they had a lot of very useful footage to choose from.

A group of children and adults in  a room watching a powerpoint presentation

The edit suite

We’re looking forward to the première of the film at graduation on Thursday!


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