Blossom Camp Blog – Day 1 – Group 1

Published on August 5, 2015 under News
Blossom Camp Blog – Day 1 – Group 1

Hi guys!

Today we are going to go behind the scenes at Blossom HQ and see how group one got on during the first week of Blossom Discovery Camp 2015.

Here’s some of what Jamie, Mark, Adam and Liam got up to today….

Circle Time

The day started with circle time which allowed everyone to get to know each other and settle into the day. Jamie particularly enjoyed the song during circle time, while Liam took a real shine to the board game Kerplunk.


Two children looking at bubble tubes in a sensory room

Enjoying the sensory room

Under the Sea Plates

The boys had a great time putting their artistic talents to good use making an ‘Under the Sea’ scene.


Three children around a lunch table

A well-deserved lunch break, along with photographer Roisín

Summer Yoga

Our fabulous yoga tutor Nicola was back with us to run yoga classes during our summer camp. As you can see, complex yoga poses were no challenge for the Blossom kids. Yoga also gave everyone a chance to find to some calm and quiet during a very action-packed day. Yoga was one of Mark’s favourite activities today.

Child doing yoga

Almost there…

Child doing yoga



Outdoor Games

Thankfully the rain cleared away and the boys were able to have some high-energy fun outside in the playground. Adam really showed off his football skills during this activity and Liam loved playing chasing with the other camp members.

Child on swing

Reaching new heights

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