Blossom Buddies

Blossom Buddies is our service aimed at teenagers. It is about enabling our teenagers with intellectual disabilities to nurture real friendships and promote independence away from parents & siblings socially. It’s about equipping them with independent living skills and basically just allowing them to do what teenagers do! We ran our first pilot in 2015 and due to its success we have started running blocks of Blossom Buddies throughout the year.

Two women and one man at a coffee table. A large group of teenagers and young adults outside of a small house.

Life Skills

Our Blossom Buddies teens meet up on saturdays to hang out with their peers and to work on a particular life skill. Our previous Blossom Buddies programs have focused on independent life skills such as going to a café, going shopping, and road safety and using public transport.

How to Join

If your child would like to join Blossom Buddies Gateway please see our Access Our Services page.