Blossom Buddies Update

Published on December 23, 2015 under News
Blossom Buddies Update

Since September, our two groups of Blossom Buddies have been busy meeting up each Saturday to work on practical life-skills, and of course, hang out and have some fun. Here are just a few highlights of what our teens got up to:

Trip to the Café

Both groups really enjoyed planning a trip to the café, using their five café steps which they all developed as a group.


The first group also worked on planning a shopping trip to the local supermarket. They undertook this trip in the final week, picking up items for themselves and also some food they agreed to purchase on behalf of the whole group.

A group of teenagers picking out products in a supermarket Teenage boy buying bottled drinks at a supermarket till.










Raheny Christmas Tree Lights Event

In week eight group 2 turned on the lights at the Raheny Christmas Lights event and raised a huge amount of money and support for Blossom Ireland! The Buddies put in some hard work selling christmas cards and merchandise at the Blossom stall, and they really spread the christmas cheer among all of the visitors to the event.

Two women and a teenage boy behind a market stall

Two teenage boys turning on christmas tree lights. A woman and man are pictured beside them smiling. Christmas tree is in background.











Christmas Party

The Buddies organised and enjoyed their own party at the end of December, to congratulate themselves for the ten weeks of hard work!

Teenage girl putting popcorn into a bowl

group of teenagers sitting around a table at a christmas party









We’re looking forward to welcoming our Blossom Buddies teens back in 2016. Can’t wait to see what cool things they’ll get up to next!