Blossom Buddies Update

Published on May 27, 2016 under News
Blossom Buddies Update

We’ve just finished up our last block of Buddies for the summer, so here’s an update on how we all got on. Looking forward to getting the gang back together in September!

Group 1

Group 1 focused on ‘Safety in the Community’ and a return to ‘Road Safety’. This involved weekly sessions in which we further explored the rules of the road and began our work on ‘Safety in the Community’ through video, art, role play, games, discussion and quizzes. This was combined with practical outings to put the rules we learned into practice, with the big trip to Donaghmede Shopping Centre in week six.


A group of teens and adults sitting on chairs in a bus driving role play

A boy wearing sunglasses and a hat looking out of a bus window











Group 2

Over the past few weeks group 2 talked about lots of different feelings, but particularly concentrated on happy, sad, angry and surprised. We figured out the different reasons we could feel the different ways through discussion and role play, e.g. “I feel happy when I eat chocolate!”, “I feel sad when I get lonely in my bedroom”, “I get angry when I see people bullying other people”, “I’m surprised/shocked when I see a spider!” We talked about how we can stay safe when we’re out and about by considering how we interact with different people. For example, we might wave at a lollipop person, or give a friend a high 5! We also went on a trip to the shopping centre and café, which gave us a chance to put these skills into practice!


Three men taking a selfie in a cafe











For more photos of the Buddies, please click here to visit our Facebook photo album.

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