Blossom Buddies pilot a great success!

Published on March 27, 2015 under News

Blossom Buddies is about enabling our teenagers with intellectual disabilities to nurture real friendships and promote independence away from parents & siblings socially. It’s about equipping them with independent living skills and basically just allowing them to do what teenagers do! We ran our first pilot over the past 4 weeks. The theme for this group was about going to a restaurant or coffee shop with their pals. The first couple of weeks focused on preparing them with the right skills through role play, drama and games on what to do when going to the coffee shop. Week 4 saw them visit Perkulicios coffee shop in Raheny, order their food, pay for it independently and just hang out with their pals. It was a resounding success thanks in no small way to the fabulous staff in Perkulicious! Watch this space for more updates on our Blossom Buddies!