Blossom Buddies Gateway – Trip to the Café

Published on February 22, 2017 under News
Blossom Buddies Gateway – Trip to the Café

We’ve just finished up our first six week term of Blossom Buddies Gateway, where our older teens are focusing on lifeskills and the world of work (and as always, hanging out with their friends and having a laugh!).

Blossom Gateway Group One is a big group, but everyone in the group has a great connection, and they have a fantastic laid-back and fun vibe. Most of the group know each other from completing the Blossom Buddies programme last year.

Road Safety

The Gateway Crew had covered road safety last term, and we all practiced the five steps for crossing the road together.

1. Stop

2. Press the button for the Green Man

3. Wait for Green Man

4. Check left and right

5. Walk across road

Teenagers standing on a path

Teenagers having fun outside











The Café Steps

Last term, we came up with five café steps to help us to say hello, order food, pay, get our change and say thanks. All of the gang were delighted to meet up in Kennedy’s Café for lunch. There was great chat amongst the teens and interaction with the staff when ordering and paying for food.

Two boys in a café

a boy and a girl in a café