Meet the Team

How We Started

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As mothers, Auveen Bell & Orla Crowe just wanted their kids to be the best they can be. They wanted them to have fun, to learn and to make friends. But for their boys Rory & Max who have special needs this very often proved quite a challenge, particularly during school holidays. While most mainstream camps were very welcoming they just didn’t have the skills or resources to cater to the boys’ needs. So after a few challenging summers they decided they had to do something and so in 2010 they founded Blossom Ireland to go some way towards bridging the gap between the available services and the actual needs of families like theirs.

Auveen Bell  – Co-Founder and CEO

As co-founder of Blossom Ireland, Auveen is the driving force behind the organisation’s direction and growth. Her passion and clarity of vision ensure that the family remains at the centre of everything Blossom Ireland does. Along with her insight as a mother, Auveen brings a lot of business acumen to the organisation having a strong background in project management and commercial marketing.


Imelda Fitzpatrick – Programme Manager

Imelda has been working with children and teenagers and young adults with a range of disabilities for the past twelve years in educational, residential and community settings.

Imelda’s  background is in Psychology and she is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst  with a Masters in Disability Studies. Imelda is passionate about assisting children and adults with intellectual disability to achieve their full potential and be fully included in the community.

Our Camp Staff

Blossom Staff Organisational Chart

This shows an outline of the staffing levels per camp however the actual number and mix of staff in each individual group may change in response to the needs of the children involved.

Our group leaders are all highly experienced professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds such as special educational teachers, educational psychologists, behavioural analysists and drama therapists. Likewise our support staff bring a wealth of experience to the team. All of them are qualified social care workers, special needs assistants or hold other relevant qualifications.