The Great Blossom Bake Off

Published on August 11, 2016 under News
The Great Blossom Bake Off

Circle Time and Singing

Group One started their day today with Circle Time and a bit of singing. Shane was a great singer, and he also helped out the Blossom staff a lot by remembering everyone’s names.

Kids sitting in a circle on chairs







Boy singing into microphone








Cooking Brownies

Our first activity was making brownies. Everyone got involved by reading the recipe, organising ingredients, measuring, mixing, and displaying the final product on plates for the Great Blossom Bake Off! Of course, eating the finished results was also a popular activity for the boys.

Boy reading a list of instructions











Boy mixing ingredients in a bowl











Boy eating chocolate











GAA Skills

One of the Blossom staff, Thomas, showed us all how to practice GAA skills. Nathan and Liam had a great talent for this, and Nathan was great at helping everyone with the activity as well.

Boy kicking a football










We had another fun yoga session today. Shane loved the yoga, and Rory was a real pro at a lot of the poses.

Yoga class








Sensory Room and Playing in the Hall

Our day ended with a trip to the sensory room and sports hall, for a bit of fun before we went home. JJ and Robert loved the relaxing atmosphere in the sensory room. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break in there after a busy day at camp!

Boy on trampoline givinf blossom staff member a high five


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